Verba Ūtilia

cēterus, -a, -um: the other, the others (pl.); the remaining, the rest

ecce: behold! see! look! 

et: conj., and; et … et: both … and

fēmina, -ae: f., woman

homō, hominis: m., human being, person

littera, -ae: f., letter (of the alphabet), literature (pl.)

-ne: part., added at the end of a word to make a question

neuter, neutra, neutrum: adj., neither (of two); neuter (grammatical gender)

nōn: adv., no, not 

nōndum: adv., not yet 

numerus, -ī: m., number

omnis, omne: adj., each, every (sing.); all (pl.)

prīmus, -a, -um: adj., first 

puella, -ae: f., girl

puer, -ī: m., boy

quis, quid: interr. pron., who? what?

quoque: conj., also, too

secundus, -a, -um: adj., second

sed: conj., but, yet; however 

sum, esse, fuī, futūrus: be, exist

tertius, -a, -um: adj., third

verbum, -ī: n., word
vir, virī: m., man, husband