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The Elementa Curriculum

Part I of the Elementa course includes an introductory unit followed by eleven units. In addition to a vocabulary list. Each unit is composed of three main sections:

  • A grammar lesson focusing on a Latin part of speech (accompanied by a vocabulary chart)
  • A culture lesson centered on a key element of ancient Roman history or society
  • A mythology lesson based on a narrative that allows you to place the vocabulary you learn into the appropriate context

Key features of Part I include:

  • Vocabulary and activities to explore derivatives
  • Grammar Lessons highlighting a part of speech and how it functions in Latin and English
  • Roman Culture Lessons and animated videos
  • Roman Mythology Lessons with clickable vocabulary and animated videos
  • Cultural Connections: a description of relevant topics across various cultures and histories worldwide and an exploration of classical references in modern culture
  • ETC: a list of external resources to explore a topic further!
  • Ad Fontes: Primary Source Latin passages with brief bios of Latin authors
  • Quizzes and exercises to test lesson comprehension and retention