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Welcome to Elementa’s Teacher’s Manual, Materials, and Digital Resources!

Elementa offers elementary and middle schools the opportunity to incorporate Latin into literacy instruction. Active learning materials and scripted lessons make the Elementa curriculum fun, engaging, and simple to use.

Through Elementa, we teach the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary in such a way that Latin provides students with the tools to improve their mastery of English and Spanish (and other languages!), but an equally crucial goal of the curriculum is to expose students to Roman culture and inspire their curiosity for the ancient world at large. Elementa can be used by teachers of all backgrounds regardless of their previous experience with Latin.

Elementa’s Teacher’s Manual includes scripted lesson plans, as well as games and activities to accompany each Elementa lesson. From the lesson page, you can also download and print relevant materials, assessments, and additional handouts for students.

Elementa’s Digital Resources provides audio-visual resources, slides, and videos to accompany 150+ core and extension lessons of the Elementa curriculum.

What’s in this course?

  • 11 units, 15 scripted lesson plan and activity ideas per unit
  • Slides for every lesson, videos covering mythological, cultural, and historical content, and mini-quizzes for every content-rich lesson
  • Materials to download and print to accompany lesson plans
  • Assessments to download and print
  • Support from Paideia Staff

Upon completion of the curriculum, students will be able to:
• Recall basic Latin phrases and a vocabulary of 150+ Latin words.
• Identify the parts of speech in a Latin or English sentence.
• Critically discuss aspects of Roman culture and its influence on the present.
• Recognize major characters and narratives from classical mythology and analyze its influence on contemporary literature and popular culture.
• Correctly determine the meanings of English and Spanish words by using knowledge of Latin roots and affixes.

The Elementa Curriculum

The Elementa textbook includes eleven units and three additional lessons on “Elements of Literacy.” Each unit is composed of three main sections:

  • A grammar lesson focusing on a Latin part of speech (accompanied by a vocabulary chart)
  • A culture lesson centered on a key element of ancient Roman history or society
  • A mythology lesson based on a narrative that allows you to place the vocabulary you learn into the appropriate context