Exercise 1.3 Matching

The Romans loved to portray their mythological stories in art. They painted frescoes on their walls with scenes from mythology and made beautiful statues out of marble. Elaborate pictures were also made out of tiny tiles to create a mosaic that would decorate the floors. Many of these statues are still on display today. Gods and goddesses are usually pictured with certain items that represent them. For example, Diana, goddess of the hunt, is often seen with her hunting dogs or a bow and arrow. Her twin brother Apollo, god of music, carries a harp. As you learn more about the different Roman myths and see them depicted in art, try to figure out which gods or goddesses are being shown by what they may be wearing, carrying, or doing.

Look at the Roman frescoes, mosaics, and statues and see if you can match each with the god or goddess that it is depicting.