14A: Future I

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Chapter 14!

I think we had enough talking about the past.

Let’s move on to talk about the future!

In MG we have two forms for the Future. 

English will help us more on this topic than AG. 



Θα διαβάζω όλο το απόγευμα. Μη με πάρεις τηλέφωνο τότε. 

I will be reading the whole afternoon. Do not call me during that time.

Κάθε φορα που θα διαβάζω αυτό το βιβλίο, θα σε σκέφτομαι. 

Everytime I read this book, I will be thinking of you.



Θα σου τηλεφωνήσω μόλις φτάσω σπίτι. 

I will call you when I am back home.

Θα διαβάσω όλο το απόγευμα αλλά το βράδυ θα δούμε ταινία. Εντάξει; 

I will study the whole afternoon but we will watch a movie at night. OK?

In the examples of Group A, we see the case of Future Continuous. Future Continuous indicates and action that will have a specific duration in the future or that it will be repetitive. 

On the other hand, in Group B we see examples of Future Simple. We use Future Simple when we just care to give information. We do not care about showing duration. 

Do Remember the use of the Imperfect and the Aorist. It is similar to that. 

As you very well remember, in AG we have just one kind of Future. 

Now let us see the form of the verbs in the two types of Future. 

θα διαβάζω

θα διαβάσω

Which verb is closer to the Present stem and which one to the Aorist stem?

θα διαβάζω reminds us of the Present stem διαβάζω

θα διαβάσω reminds us of the Aorist stem διάβασα.

But more on this, on the next lesson!